Species richness, extirpations and introductions among the noctuid moths (Lepidoptera: noctuidae) of New Brunswick's Fundy coast

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Vincent, Rebecca
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University of Guelph

This study investigates patterns of species richness in noctuid moths along the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick. The noctuid moth fauna of the region was described, entered into a database, and analyzed for patterns of species richness, including a comparison of the checklist for Fundy National Park (FNP) and the checklist for the rest of the Fundy Coast. The database was analyzed with a bootstrap statistical method to estimate the probability that species have been extirpated or introduced within the region. The species checklists for the northern and southern ends of the Coast are quite different, with each county housing a number of unique species. Thirteen species may have been extirpated and 21 others introduced since 1970. Future collection efforts should focus on searching for species identified as candidates for extirpation. In light of these results, it is questionable whether FNP adequately represents the Fundy Coast's noctuid moth fauna.

species richness, noctuid moths, Lepidoptera: noctuidae, Fundy Coast, New Brunswick, Fundy National Park, extirpation, introduction