O. A. C. Review Volume XXXI Issue 9, May 1919

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's agricultural articles pertain to utilizing purebred sires to improve cattle and swine breeding stock, the nuisance of the warble fly, cultivating ginseng, and improving the soil by cultivating legumes. Other articles include the need for agricultural loans for farmers, observations of birds from the Prairies, and instruction on the ignition system of gasoline engines. The prize winning speeches from the public speaking contest address improving the farming industry, and the flax industry in Ontario. There are reprints of articles on farming as a business, and a short story. An article by an alumnus comments on the need for a new direction in post-war education. Campus news highlights the graduating class of 1919 by featuring photographs of each of the students. The Macdonald Institute column reports on the Farewell Dance and welcomes the new short course students. The Alumni column contains alumni updates.

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