Shared leadership in higher education: its effect on learning outcomes.

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McMillan, Donna
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University of Guelph

Traditional lecture-based pedagogical approaches predominate within the university system. There has been a recent move by non-traditional faculty towards courses emphasizing shared leadership and learner-centredness. The contribution these non-traditional instructional approaches make to student achievement has not been explored fully. Focusing on students' perceptions of their improvements in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning, this study seeks to describe the relationship between shared leadership and learning outcomes. The hypothesis is that the use of shared leadership in university courses will be positively related to perceived learning outcomes for students. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of survey data and focus group results indicate that student participants perceived considerable positive changes to their knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence as a result of taking courses based on shared leadership principles.

HIgher education, Shared leadership, Learning outcomes, Leaner-centredness, Student achievement