Two kinds of self-respect and the source of their connection

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Anderson, Sherry Lee
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an exploration of the connection between recognition self-respect and appraisal self-respect. I begin this paper with a brief description of the two kinds of self-respect, distinguishing them from each other and from self-esteem. I look at four possible kinds of connections between the two kinds of self-respect and conclude that the connection is both rights-based and qualities-based. In addition, I argue that the source of this connection is the self-ideal. The identification and understanding of the connection between the two kinds of self-respect may provide insight into how self-respect can be fostered or destroyed. If, as some such as Rawls have suggested, self-respect is an important social good, then this understanding can be used to ensure that self-respect is widespread in society.

Self-respect, Recognition, Appraisal, Self-esteem, Self-ideal