Amenity in Sustainable Stormwater: A Preliminary Assessment of the Toronto Green Standard

Kalvins, Eriks
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University of Guelph

Stormwater management systems reduce the impact of surface runoff in urban environments. The Toronto Green Standard (TGS) has been developed to further mitigate effects of urban runoff by mandating runoff control implementation in new developments at the site level. The intended effect of these measures is to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of water. Recent concepts of sustainable stormwater suggest that amenity is an equally important aspect of such a system. This study evaluated Best Management Practices suggested by the TGS for their performance and amenity characteristics. Design professionals selected for prior experience with the TGS were consulted to determine industry perceptions of the requirements, and how the standards could be altered to improve amenity value. Several concerns were identified which appear to impede the successful implementation of sustainable stormwater management solutions, to which recommendations are proposed which may help balance performance and amenity requirements in the TGS.

amenity, runoff, rainfall, urban environment, sustainable storm water