Curatorial Rhetorics of Contemporary Latin American Art

Hartstone, Alexandra
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University of Guelph

Curatorial Rhetorics of Contemporary Latin American Art explores the formative roles of curatorial acts in the development, framing, and dissemination of contemporary Latin American art within national and global visual cultures. Introducing the investigation in a wider historical, social, and political context, this thesis first begins by tracing a brief background of Latin American art in order to situate recent exhibitions of contemporary Latin American art on both global and national platforms. The three case studies examined—the São Paulo Bienal, Affective Affinities; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Ultrabaroque: Aspects of Post Latin American Art; and the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Arts of Resistance: Politics and Change in Latin America—employed various curatorial frameworks in order to elicit particular perspectives of Latin American art. While international contemporary exhibitions help to expand the roles and responsibilities of the curator, these case studies also acknowledge curatorial acts as part of complex social and intellectual interactions and settings.

Latin American art, Curatorial rhetoric, Museum, Gallery, Exhibition