Sub-optimized bandwidth allocation framework with quality of service support for mobile WiMAX

Miller, Reid
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University of Guelph

Modern wireless networks have progressed beyond voice and simple data transfer, services offered now include audio and video streaming, voice and Web browsing. Mobile WiMAX will provide these services anytime, anywhere to both portable and stationary devices. Resource management techniques are necessary for WiMAX because the available resources are limited. WiMAX features a guarantee of maintained Quality of Service (QoS), for both mobile and stationary users. QoS can be improved by analyzing the adaptive nature of the traffic involved, and by maintaining end user perceived performance. In this thesis, we propose the Utility Sub-Optimized Quality of Service (UOQOS) framework for mobile WiMAX. UOQoS goals are to maximize bandwidth utilization, minimize new connection blocking probability and handoff blocking probability, maintain good QoS and ensure that the solution will apply to all WiMAX applications. A simulation reveals that UOQoS meets its design goals, and achieves higher bandwidth utilization than other solutions.

bandwidth allocation, sub-optimized, framework, WiMAX, service support