Structure of cadmium-110 studied with beta-decay of indium-110 and (n, n'gamma) reaction

Bangay, Jack Curtis
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University of Guelph

110Cd has long been considered a paradigm of both the Vibrational Model and the U(5) symmetry of the Interacting Boson Model (IBM). However, recent studies on other Cd isotopes show a breakdown of vibrational motion at the 3-phonon level. The nuclear structure of 110Cd has been studied with the ('n, n''-[gamma]) reaction performed at the University of Kentucky and the 0-decay of 110In performed at TRIUMF using the 8[pi] Spectrometer. A complete level scheme has been constructed using excitation functions, angular distributions, and a [gamma][gamma]-coincidence matrix. Level lifetimes have been determined using the Dopple-shift attentuation method. The results of the experimental work have been compared to both Vibrational Model and IBM-2 calculations. Neither model is able to satisfactorily reproduce the experimental results, leading to doubts about the appropriateness of these descriptions.

110Cd, Interacting Boson Model, Vibrational model, Excitation functions, Angular distributions