Enhancement and application of a pedotransfer function for soil penetration resistance on a southern Ontario landfill cover

dc.contributor.advisorMcBride, Raymond A.
dc.contributor.authorSlessor, Rachel Louise
dc.degree.departmentDepartment of Environmental Biologyen_US
dc.degree.grantorUniversity of Guelphen_US
dc.degree.nameMaster of Scienceen_US
dc.description.abstractMechanical resistance to penetration encountered by growing plant roots is one of the fundamental soil physical factors affecting crop growth and yield. This thesis presents two inter-related studies examining measurement and application of soil penetration resistance and its effects on crop performance on a southern Ontario landfill cover. Study 1 examines the enhancement of a pedotransfer function for penetration resistance and its application for use in the field. Improvements in the function's predictive capability for laboratory samples were achieved (R2 increased from 0.731 to 0.813). However, its usefulness under field conditions was characteristically low. Using the function established in Study 1, Study 2 examined the relationship between crop yield and the proportion of days the soil water content was outside the least limiting water range. Correlation between these variables was low, however, water-related plant stress was minimal as the study took place under near optimal weather conditions.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Guelphen_US
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dc.subjectpedotransfer functionen_US
dc.subjectsoil penetration resistanceen_US
dc.subjectSouthern Ontarioen_US
dc.subjectlandfill coveren_US
dc.subjectcrop performanceen_US
dc.subjectplant rootsen_US
dc.titleEnhancement and application of a pedotransfer function for soil penetration resistance on a southern Ontario landfill coveren_US


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