Identity tapestries: an exploration of self in young women of urbanizing China

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Borzel, Karin Elena
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University of Guelph

Unprecedented in its political, economic, and cultural history, today's China continues to forge its own unique path of development. Throughout its history and in the contemporary era, China has maintained a focus on the creation of a "Modern" society. Intrinsic to the country's modernization movements has been the understanding of a need to construct a "new" or "modern woman". In the Reform Era, China's "open-door" policy to Western markets and investments, coinciding with forces of globalization, has precipitated new opportunities and challenges for the country's young women. Unique in their geographical positioning and in the face of continued economic, social, and technological expansion, young women in the urbanizing regions of China are coming into a greater consciousness of their self in society. The purpose of this study was to explore the self-concept of young women from one of these regions in relation to China's overall development and the re-fashioning of personal and political identities.

China, Young women, Urbanization, Globalization, Self