O. A. C. Review Volume XXII Issue 6, March 1910

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's articles pertain to the art of forging metal, the entomology of the Oyster-shell Scale, seed and livestock judging, and the conformation of horses. The Experimental Union articles are regarding the necessity of fumigating flourmills and warehouses, and selecting better corn seed. The Horticulture column addresses fruit farming in Norfolk County and the co-operation of the Norfolk Fruit Growers' Association. A new column on poultry contains articles on the need for poultry education, the Poultry Institute, as well as an article on the co-operation in marketing poultry. Campus news reports on the events of the annual Conversazione, the election of the new O. A. C. Review staff, faculty changes, the annual public speaking contest, and hockey events. The Macdonald Institute column compares O. A. C. and Macdonald Institute to Macdonald College in Quebec, and the success of the Union Literary Society's promenade and the annual Conversazione. Alumni news is available in the Alumni column.

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