O. A. C. Review Volume XVII Issue 1, October 1904

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue begins with Dr. Creelman's article on how agricultural societies have been in Ontario since 1792, particularly the Farmer's Institutes and Women's Institutes. Agricultural articles pertain to the business of breeding animals, the routine of cattle husbandry, and reviving the sheep industry. Other articles address varieties of squirrels in Ontario, notable men in Canadian agriculture, the Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union meeting, and experimental plots at fall fairs. Horticultural articles report on the research conducted at the college regarding diseases of grapes, the siting of orchards, and fruit packaging. The editorial comments on the importance of stock judging at the college and extracurricular activities such as attending the theatre and athletics. Campus news reports on the retirement of the school matron Sara Craig and the appointment of the new matron Miss Nelles. Other campus changes are the faculty appointments, the inaugural choral club and panton club, and the obituary for Dr. Muldrew. The Macdonald Institute column comments on an eventful picnic at Elora. The "Our Old Boys Page" contains alumni news. While the Locals column provides campus humour.

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