An investigation of soil heating by natural gas pipelines in southern Ontario

Paterson, Lindsay Jane
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the impact of soil heating by natural gas pipelines in Southern Ontario. In particular, this thesis (1) assesses the ability of the Simultaneous Heat and Water (SHAW) model to predict snow depth, soil temperature and water content profiles, and frost penetration for a variety of soils with and without a buried heat source under Southern Ontario climatic conditions over a year; (2) examines the impact of a buried heat source on snow depth, soil temperature and water regimes, and frost penetration for three different soil types over a year; (3) investigates the effect of elevated gas pipeline temperatures on selected soil physical properties downstream of a natural gas compressor station; and (4) examines how different layer thicknesses of a rubber crumb material placed immediately above a buried heat source might affect the near surface soil temperature regime in a coarse-textured soil over a year.

soil heating, natural gas pipelines, Southern Ontario, Simultaneous Heat and Water model, soil physical properties