Post-PLUARG evaluation of Great Lakes water quality management studies and programs - Volume II

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Sullivan, Rose Ann C.
Sanders, Paul A.
Sonzogni, William C.
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U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

This report presents the results of efforts by the Great Lakes Basin Commission Staff to update and integrate the findings and recommendation of the International Joint Commission's Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group (PLUARG) with other related studies. The report concentrates on five difference areas: 1)update of major water quality studies and resource planning and management programs and projects related to Great Lakes water quality concerns, 2)update on U. S. Great Lakes tributary loadings, 3)results of a Post-PLUARG meeting on pollution abatement strategies for the Great Lakes, 4)initial work developing "Watershed" - a management technique for choosing among point and nonpoint control strategies, and 5)reconsideration of PLUARG findings and recommendations in light of new information.

Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group (PLUARG)
Post-PLUARG Reports
water quality, management program, resource planning, pollution abatement, watershed, pollutant, nonpoint source, point source