Performance of Stormwater Low Impact Development in a Commercial Application - IMAX Headquarters Parking Lot, Mississauga, Ontario

Ash, Sarah
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University of Guelph

The employee parking lot at the IMAX headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario underwent an expansion and retrofit to incorporate low impact development (LID) techniques (permeable pavers and bioretention cells) into the stormwater management system for the property. The site was also configured to include infrastructure for long-term monitoring of the LID systems. This thesis presents the findings from the research activities during the first year of operation, which focused on the analysis of the preliminary data to a) determine whether the site is functioning as designed and b) establish the baseline hydrological and water quality performance of the LIDs. The preliminary results indicate that the four (out of six) functioning LID systems achieved average volume reductions ranging from 90-100% during the 2013 monitoring period, which corresponds to an over 90% contaminant load reduction. Further troubleshooting and monitoring of the site is still required at this time to confirm performance.

Stormwater, Low Impact Development, LID, Permeable pavement, Bioretention