Effects of hot-boning and moisture enhancement on the meat quality and eating quality of cull cow beef

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Pivotto, Lisa Marie
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University of Guelph

Chill method (CM) and moisture enhancement treatments (MET) were examined for improving eating quality of the round muscles and 'longissimus ' from cull beef cows. Muscles were removed from the carcass at 45 to 60 minutes (Hot Boned; HB) or 24 hours (Conventionally Chilled; CC) after slaughter and processed using moisture enhancement. The MET included a non-injected control or injection processed (10% of product weight), using solutions containing Sodium Tripolyphosphate/Salt(NaCl), Sodium Citrate, Calcium Ascorbate, or Citrus Juices in Trial 1 (Calcium Lactate in Trial 2). Muscles were aged for 14 days at 1.5 °C prior to meat quality evaluations and shelf life determination. CM by MET interactions were present as tenderness was enhanced in CC product using Calcium ascorbate in contrast to increased tenderness in HB product using Sodium Tripolyphosphate/Salt. Moisture enhancement can improve the tenderness of cull cow beef depending on the combination of CM and MET used.

cull cow beef, meat quality, eating quality, hot-boning, moisture enhancement