An Investigation of Women's Experiences Seeking Pregnancy-Related Nutrition Information in Ontario, with an Emphasis on Online Resources

Snyder, Alexandra
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University of Guelph

This thesis investigates women’s information-seeking behaviours regarding nutrition during pregnancy and describes their experiences seeking this information online. A total of 97 pregnant women completed an online survey and six of these women participated in one-on-one semi-structured telephone interviews. The surveys were analysed using descriptive statistics and the interviews using thematic analysis. Prenatal nutrition information was most commonly sought online during the first trimester of pregnancy. Convenience was a major motivator for seeking information online. Positive changes were made to women’s diets after reading nutrition information online, however the participants indicted a lack of trust in online sources and seeking nutrition information online was sometimes related to feelings of frustration, confusion and worry. Nutritional support from health care providers is still desirable but is currently not meeting women’s needs. Suggestions are made to improve online sources of prenatal nutrition information and increase provision of prenatal nutrition education by health professionals.

prenatal education, information-seeking, nutrition, online, internet, pregnancy