Getting to the heart of agriculture: An inductive case study of social and agricultural linkages in Dmitrov Rayon, Russia

Small, Lee-Ann
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University of Guelph

The purpose of this thesis is to increase understanding of the complexity of agricultural production in Russia, through an exploration of the linkages between social and agricultural phenomena. A case study of agriculture in Dmitrov Rayon, Russia was undertaken, using qualitative methodology. The research was completed in two phases, initially developing a comprehensive understanding of the context, and then drawing from contextual information to compare four types of agricultural producers. The bases for comparison were: demographics, social services, social capital and coping responses. Major findings of the research include ongoing linkages between social service provision and agricultural enterprises, and the identification of private gardening as a primary coping strategy for rural residents. Both large and small scale farming were found to be adaptive. Study findings suggest that awareness of history, indigenous knowledge and contextual structures are essential to enabling the development of agriculture in Russia.

agricultural production, Dmitrov Rayon, Russia, social phenomena, agricultural phenomena, private gardening