The Experiential Learning Cycle as a high level model for the design of an interactive multimedia C++ tutorial

Blurton-Jones, Mark Timothy
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University of Guelph

A technique for using the Experiential Learning Cycle as a high-level task model for the design of interactive multimedia learning systems is proposed. By utilizing user learning style inclinations, a system following the Experiential Learning Cycle (ELC) model has the potential to support self-directed learning, improve feature understanding, and promote active student interest. An interactive multimedia tutorial, Action C++ on some key features of the C++ computer programming language was designed using the ELC model. A formative evaluation was performed to assess the design of the tutorial. Observable differences were found among student responses to different learning activities of Action C++ chosen to support student learning style inclinations. Students also reported being actively engaged and interested in the tutorial. These results suggest that the framework for the implementation of the Experiential Learning Cycle can serve as an effective tool in the design of interactive multimedia tutorials.

Experiential Learning Cycle, C++ tutorial, Interactive, Multimedia, Self-directed learning