Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Integrated Charge Pumps with High Performance

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Allasasmeh, Younis
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University of Guelph

This thesis presents the design of new integrated charge pumps with high performance. An analysis method is determined to evaluate the voltage gain, the output resistance and the conversion efficiency parameters of integrated charge pumps. An optimization method is developed to improve the performance through capacitor sizing based on area constraints. Several charge pumps structures are optimized and compared including the losses due to devices parasitics. Results show that the Dickson charge pump (voltage doubler) is the best structure for integration. Therefore, techniques to improve per- formance and conversion efficiency of integrated voltage doubler are proposed. Switch bootstrapping technique prevents short-circuit losses, improves driving capability, and enhances the overall efficiency. The application of charge reuse technique reduces the dynamic power losses of integrated voltage doublers and double charge pumps. A pro- totype of the integrated voltage doublers was fabricated in a 0.18-μm CMOS process with the proposed techniques. Measured results have been presented, demonstrating the improvements in performance and conversion efficiency, with a good correlation between measured and predicted results.

charge pump, gain, output resistance, efficiency, integrated