NGO partnerships and the linkages to sustainable development: exploring perspectives from the northern region of Ghana

Achola, Pauline
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an examination of the widely held assumption that there are strong links between effective partnerships, increased degrees of local ownership and increased probability of long term benefits and impact for stakeholders. Rural-based local NGOs in the Northern Region of Ghana were studied. Key among the findings was the issue of relationship, with local NGOs seeking more dialogue and better communication processes with their partners. Along with this was the call for mutual accountability spanning all three levels of the partnership i.e. donor, local executing agency and stakeholder communities. Local autonomy, capacity building and resource sustainability were considered as key in creating and maintaining effective partnerships. However, circumstances around individual organizations, project socio-economic and political contexts, and partners' commitments to creating 'authentic' partnerships all come into play. These findings serve as a framework that can be used to guide the process towards more effective North-South NGO partnerships.

NGO partnerships, Ghana, Sustainable development, Communication, Local autonomy