Application of rice bran wax organogel to substitute solid fat and enhance unsaturated fat content in ice cream

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Zulim Botega, Daniele
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University of Guelph

The objective of this study was to investigate the potential application of rice bran wax (RBW) organogel to replace solid fat content and create the fat network in ice cream. Ice creams with 10% fat or 15% fat were formulated with RBW organogel as the fat source, and two different emulsifiers were used: polmo, a commercial blend of emulsifiers which contains 80% mono- and diglycerides and 20% polysorbate 80, and Glycerol monooleate (GMO). Candelilla wax (CDW) organogel and carnauba wax (CBW) organogel were also tested for comparison. RBW organogel had the ability to form and sustain structure in 15% fat ice creams when GMO was used as the emulsifier. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that the RBW crystal morphology within the fat droplet, when GMO was used as the emulsifier, was characterized by the growth of crystals at the outer edge of the droplet which increased fat destabilization and network formation.

Ice cream, organogel, rice bran wax, ice cream structure