Towards a better understanding of the benefits and costs of the Flood Damage Reduction Program

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Wojtanowski, Danuta
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University of Guelph

The purpose in this thesis is to present findings from research that set out (1) to identify a comprehensive range of benefits and costs associated with the Flood Damage Reduction Program, (2) to evaluate the importance of these benefits and costs for water and related land management, and (3) to assess the contribution of the FDRP to sustainable water management. Focusing on Ontario, and using a survey technique that simulates a workshop, this research identifies and evaluates a range of additional or associated benefits and costs of the FDRP relating to areas such as land use planning, environmental protection, and flood plain management. Based on group evaluation of identified benefits and costs, the FDRP appears to have a broad range of important impacts in these areas, which suggests that it is not a narrowly-focussed, single-sector resource management program (as has been suggested by senior officials in Environment Canada). In fact, the evidence suggests that the program represents an early and important example of sustainable water management in Canada.

benefits, costs, Flood Damage Reduction Program, water management, land management, sustainable water management, Ontario