"North-South International Education Partnerships: Two Canadian Projects with Tanzania"

Phillips, Chantal
Varpatolai, Aniko
Roks, Marion
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Canadian and International Education

The following is a review of two Canadian-Tanzanian international partnerships working in Tanzania within the education sector. Project TEMBO (Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity) supports the development of formal and non-formal education for girls and women in collaboration with other local and international non-governmental organizations. The Huron University College/University of Dar es Salaam project is strengthening post-secondary educational opportunities in collaboration with civil society organizations and local government. Both projects are focused on literacy in the broadest sense to achieve critical skills in civic engagement, poverty reduction, problem solving, decision-making and reducing gender imbalances, and as such are in line with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Achieving improved access to information and educational opportunities for Tanzanians that support poverty reduction are the shared objectives of these two projects. This article will review the potential of partnership and participatory engagement of communities in strengthening educational outcomes in both formal and nonformal education settings.

non-governmental organizations; education partnerships; non-formal partnerships international education projects; participatory
Varpatolai, Aniko.;Phillips, Chantal; and Roks, Marion (2012) "North-South International Education Partnerships: Two Canadian Projects with Tanzania". Canadian and International Education/Education canadienne et internationale. Vol.41: Iss.3, Article 4.Available at: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cie-eci/vol41/iss3/4