Investigation of Ultrasound Simulation Technology Amongst Veterinary Students

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Wichtel, Jocelyn
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University of Guelph

As veterinarians face increasing pressure to possess basic ultrasound competence upon graduation, demand to produce reliable teaching and assessment simulation is also increasing. Through structured practice with eventual transition to independent practice, a simulator enriched environment has shown effective at teaching core ultrasound skills to veterinary students. The difficulty in creating valid training models and lack of proper model validation documentation within veterinary sonography education continues to be a challenge. This thesis investigates the development and validation of an accessible and inexpensive ultrasound simulation model. We found that this ultrasound simulation model showed excellent preliminary acceptance by veterinary students and radiologists for teaching fundamental ultrasound skills. It effectively discriminated between novice and experts in most of its tasks and considered an acceptable training tool, therefore establishing both construct and face validity. This model represents an important step in the development of simulation-based teaching tools within veterinary ultrasonography.

Ultrasound, Ultrasound simulation, Simulation based education, Veterinary education, Bedside ultrasound, Validation, Clinical skills, Point of care ultrasound, POCUS