Examining employees' turnover intention based on organizational justice, pay satisfaction and job satisfaction in the hospitality and tourism industry




Yue, Tianyue

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University of Guelph


This study examines the relationship among organizational justice, pay satisfaction, job satisfaction and turnover intention in the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry. 199 valid surveys were collected through Qualtrics with an on-going project and researchers’ social media networks. Independent T Test, Exploratory factor analysis (EFA), Hierarchical regression analysis and Sobel Test were performed to analyze the data. The findings reveal that both distributive justice and procedural justice contribute to employees’ pay and job satisfaction. Informational justice only shown a positive effect on employees’ job satisfaction, but not on pay satisfaction. Pay satisfaction does not have a direct relationship with employees’ turnover intention. But job satisfaction has a negative impact on turnover intention. The study results provide a deep understanding of each dimension and its influence and provide managers with insights into perceived justice and employees’ needs.



organizational justice, Pay satisfaction, Job satisfaction, Turnover intention, hospitality and tourism industry