Investigation of Intake, Knowledge, and Attitudes related to Beans and Bean-containing Products among University Students in a Canadian University

Rossi, Maria
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University of Guelph

Beans, one of the main agricultural commodities produced in Canada, are a nutritious and sustainable alternative to animal protein sources. However, bean consumption in Canada is low. The data collected through an e-survey administered to a sample(N=252) of students from a university in Ontario, suggest that consumption, perceived knowledge and the interest related to beans differ among demographic groups. Black/African/Caribbean and South Asian students show a significantly higher bean consumption and perceived knowledge compared to their White/European peers. As a matter of fact, perceived knowledge is a significant predictor of bean consumption. Moreover, perceived knowledge of beans increases with age. Good appearance, good taste, good smell, pleasant texture, high protein and fiber content are the most important intrinsic qualities in a bean-containing product, while beans’ richness in fiber and plant-based proteins and their health benefits are the main drivers of students’ choice to consume a bean-containing product.

beans, bean four, plant-based, proteins, fiber