Ontario planners: the role of networks and communities of practice in planning for northern and rural communities

Burnett, Jennifer S.
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an examination of the presence of communities of practice in planning networks in rural and northern Ontario. The research looked at planners in two study areas in rural and northern Ontario. Data were collected through in-person and telephone interviews and analyzed using structural and reflective analysis for content pertaining to the research questions. The study results indicate that communities of practice are present within the planning networks of planners in rural and northern Ontario. The networks are essential to the professional development of the planners because they provide the vehicle for teaching and learning to continuously occur. The thesis concludes with recommendations or suggested actions as proposed according to the themes and issues that were identified by planners through the interviews or during data analysis and provides suggestions for future research on planners and communities of practice.

Ontario, Planners, Networks, Communities of practice, Rural