Adolescent characteristics, neighbourhood social processes and socioeconomic factors and adolescent injury risk

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Klemencic, Nora
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University of Guelph

Adolescent participants (N=170) completed questionnaires assessing individual characteristics (gender, age, Sensation Seeking, Aggression/Oppositionality, Impulsivity) and characteristics of the neighbourhoods in which they live (Neighbourhood social cohesion/informal social control of youth). Postal codes as reported by the youth were linked to 2006 Canadian census data in order to determine area-level Socioeconomic Status (SES) for each adolescent. Data regarding adolescents’ individual traits and characteristics of the neighbourhoods in which they live were examined both as main effects and in individual by neighbourhood interactions as predictors of adolescents’ risk of injury. Individual traits predicted injury risk, however, neighbourhood social processes and SES did not predict adolescent injury risk when examined as main effects, whether included alone or together with individual characteristics. Neighbourhood social processes and Neighbourhood SES each moderated the relation between certain individual traits and injury risk. The value of examining individual-context interactions in injury risk research is discussed.

unintentional injury risk, adolescence, neighbourhood characteristics, temperament, individual by context interactions