Agricultural watershed studies, Great Lakes Drainage Basin, Canada, Annual Report 1974 - 1975

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In February, 1974, the Agricultural Sub-Committee of the Task C Technical Committee, PLUARG, prepared a "Detailed Plan for the Study of Agricultural Watersheds in the Great Lakes Drainage Basin -Canada- 1974-1975". This plan called for a two-phase study. The preliminary phase would consist of a monitoring programme to indicate present levels of pollutants, additional studies for collection of background data required to aid in the development of the second phase of the study and development of a study plan for Phase II. Phase II would consist of detailed studies of pollutants or land uses associated with agricultural land use. An overview of the implementation of the preliminary phase of the Agricultural Watershed Study, April 1974 - April 1975, reports on the supplementary projects carried out, and an outline of the proposed programme for the Phase II Detailed Studies, 1975-76, are included in this report.

Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group (PLUARG)
Ag Watershed Studies Progree Reports
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