Moving Through the Cis-tem: A Collection of Digital Stories Exploring Racialized Trans and Non-binary Experiences Navigating the Canadian Health Care System


“Moving Through the Cis-tem” is the first qualitative study that was conducted by and for racialized transgender and non-binary people navigating the health care system. Grounded in the collective work of queer and trans community of colour, this project aims to creating more space for people to share their stories; to unearth what care looks like for those whose identities are at multiple marginalized intersections; and to investigate what it means to honour and respect peoples’ bodies. When we talk about gender-affirming care, we are actively resisting the medical discourses of what it means to be trans and non-binary. Three digital stories came out of this project and will be shared as a form of knowledge mobilization. This study is a direct continuation into the collective work of improving and advocating for racialized transgender and non-binary people to have access to all the types of care and support they need; to be heard and validated by health care providers; and to share their stories and lived experiences as they navigate through the health care system.

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