Use of a vibration technique to monitor the textural properties of cheese

Serafin, Andrew Zenon
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of a vibration method for monitoring the textural properties of cheese. The TPA method is a commonly used and satisfactorily developed measurement of food textural properties. If a point of consistence between the vibration method and TPA measurement at specific conditions is found, it is possible to define the factors which influence the second method. The vibration method can be used to investigate important factors that can be a foundation for developing better quality food. The physico-mechanical properties of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses, were studied at the temperature range 2° to 26°C using two methods: the examined method with vibration equipment and, for comparison, the Instron Textural Profile Analysis (TPA). Nine cheeses, five Mozzarella and four Cheddar, each with a different milk fat content or made by a different producer, were examined in three independent sets. Each sample was stored at a temperature of 2° or 7°C, cut into cylindrical shapes, put back into the cheese body in adhesive foil and used the next day for measurement To avoid the structural differences in the cheese body, the samples for TPA were taken close to the samples used for vibration analysis. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

cheese, textural properties, vibration technique, Instron Textural Profile Analysis, physico-mechanical properties