Energy Monitoring System for Security and Energy Management Applications

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Shariati, Sepideh
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University of Guelph

This thesis presents an energy monitoring system to measure energy consumption of software applications to support security and power management for embedded devices. The proposed system is composed of an Actel Fusion device and a custom designed energy measurement circuit. The Fusion device measures the voltage and the current of the target device at a defined sampling rate. The energy measurement circuit is designed as a current integrator over fixed intervals using the switched-capacitor integrator technique to store energy information of the target device within Fusion’s sampling intervals. This circuit is designed to accommodate the low sampling rate of the Fusion device. Experimental results showed that the Fusion device allows the measurement of the energy of the target device at a minimum rate of 15 µs. The energy measurement circuit is implemented using the 65 nm CMOS technology. Simulation results showed that this circuit provides 91%~97% average energy measurement accuracy.

energy monitoring system, energy measurement circuit, mixed-signal FPGA, switched-capacitor integrator