Dynamic analysis of a pager motor

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Ma, Limin
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University of Guelph

This thesis presents a comprehensive dynamic model of a miniature vibration motor ('i.e.', a pager motor) from electromagnetism to electromechanism to vibration phenomenon. The pager motor is a DC motor with an eccentric weight inducing vibration to its casing. A mathematical model is presented for predicting the dynamic behavior of vibration which is governed by nonlinear differential equations. A 3-D geometric model was created in 1:1 scale for a commercial pager motor. Dynamic simulation utilizing the physical configuration of the motor was implemented in Simulink, using several waveform voltage inputs such as a step, PWM, sinusoid, ramp, and impulse input functions. The simulation results were compared with experimental data for verification. It is believed that this analysis method will have promising use in modelling, predicting performance, and controlling a pager motor. A further refinement of presented model can become a design platform for a new generation of miniature pager motor, without iterating physical prototypes which is time consuming and costly.

comprehensive dynamic model, miniature vibration motor, electromagnetism, electromechanism, vibration, pager motor