O. A. C. Review Volume XXVIII Issue 2, October 1915

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Ontario Agricultural College

Student activities of the new school year are the focus of this autumn issue. Agricultural articles pertain to the benefits of mixed farming methods, balanced nutrition for poultry, and the challenges of field-crop seed production due to the war. Of interest is a report of the 1914 agricultural demonstration work on the Better Farming Train in Saskatchewan. The horticultural article addresses the profitability of fruit growing with the improvement in transportation and packaging. The editorial comments on the freshmen initiation and the O. A. C. Review competition. The campus news reports on the activities in the biology building, Y. M. C. A., the campus elections, and photographs of the freshmen initiation. The Alumni column includes wartime correspondence from the front, and alumni updates. The Macdonald Institute column reports on the Macdonald women's initiation and list the employment activities of recent graduates. While the Locals column provides campus humour.

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