Sensory attributes and phenolic acid content of bran and wholegrain products using red or white wheat

Challacombe, Carolyn
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of phenolic acid content and sensory attributes of wheat bran and wholegrain products (bread and crackers) prepared using red and white wheat. Phenolic acids have been reported to contain characteristic sensory properties which may be contributing to the sensory attributes of wholegrain products. Phenolic acids extracted from raw bran were perceived as only having low levels of bitterness and astringency, suggesting that changes to the phenolic acids during baking may influence the sensory properties. Wheat colour did not have a large impact on the sensory profiles of the baked products as described by a descriptive panel. However, products made from red wheat were found to be more acceptable to consumers. The bound phenolic acids for crackers and free and bound phenolic acids for bread crumb were shown to correlate to the sensory properties of the baked products. Further research needs to be conducted to determine the effects of processing and how bound phenolic acids are contributing to sensory perceptions.

phenolic acid content, sensory attributes, wheat bran, wholegrain products|red wheat, white wheat