Sweet Corn Research Results 1995

Zandstra, J.W.
Squire, R.C.
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Ridgetown College of Agricultural Technology

During the summer of 1995 several trials were conducted on standard, sugar enhanced supersweet sweet corn at Ridgetown College of Agricultural Technology. These trials investigated aspects of fertility as well as evaluated new fresh market and processing cultivars. This report was prepared in order to provide this information to interested growers and processors. It is hoped that these results will be a benefit to the fresh market and processing sweet corn industry in Ontario. An attempt was made to locate the processing sweet corn trials in 2 locations, one on the Ridgetown College of Agricultural Technology Research farm, and one at the Huron Park Research Station. Due to the hot, dry weather in July and August, large numbers of sweet corn cultivars matured in a very short time. Priority was given to the Ridgetown site when harvests were made. While emergence, growth and maturity data from Huron Park is accurate, harvests could not always be done when the corn was at an optimum maturity so harvest data should be interpreted with caution.

Sweet corn, Cultivar trials, Vegetable processing, Ridgetown, Ontario