Using Geodesign to Communicate the Effects of Bioswales on Urban Stormwater Management

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Pierre, Adele
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University of Guelph

With increases in storm frequency and intensity, municipalities need to find new ways of managing stormwater. Solutions require collaboration across planning disciplines and input from an informed public.This study uses geodesign to model how green infrastructure, specifically a system of bioswales, can ease the burden on an aging, combined sewer system. A case-study is explored using a section of Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, Ontario. Key Informant Interviews were conducted to inform choice of site and quantitative, geospatial information was collected through GIS. Parametric modelling was used to generate a design, and scenarios created to show resulting impacts on stormwater runoff. The model was posted online as an interactive presentation, accessible to all stakeholders for review and comment. The results of the study demonstrate powerful new tools that can assist landscape architects in designing, collaborating and communicating stormwater strategies.

green infrastructure, bioswales, rainwater, geodesign, surface hydrology, Low Impact Development, parametric modelling