The Relationship between Body Composition and Sexual Satisfaction in Heterosexual, Caucasian Young Adults

Opperman, Emily Annie
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University of Guelph

Background: Sexual satisfaction is a multidimensional construct encompassing the positive and negative aspects of a sexual relationship and is influenced by many factors. Objectives: To investigate the relationship between body composition (weight (kg), total fat (kg, %) and trunk fat (kg, %)) and sexual satisfaction in young adults while controlling for age, body image, relationship satisfaction, sexual function and sexual frequency. Methods: A cross-sectional sample of 157 young adults completed a series of questionnaires and underwent body composition testing (DXA). Stepwise logistic regression models were tested. Results: For both women and men, trunk fat (kg) but no other body composition variable predicted sexual satisfaction. For women, sexual function had the greatest impact followed by relationship satisfaction, trunk fat (kg) and sexual frequency. For men, relationship satisfaction had the greatest impact followed by sexual frequency, age and trunk fat (kg). Conclusions: Other variables better predict sexual satisfaction than body composition.

Body composition, Sexual satisfaction, men, women, sexuality