Dynamics of strategic process, performance, and management controls at the functional level of a firm

Hossain, Saad Md Maroof
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University of Guelph

Due to increasing significance of business model innovation and ongoing difficulties encountered in implementing formally developed strategies, there is a compelling case for studying functional level strategic process from a fresher perspective. This doctoral thesis identifies theoretical constructs that characterize functional level strategic processes and its relationship to performance under varied managerial controls. Using a structured questionnaire, we surveyed 455 managers in USA manufacturing sector to collect empirical data concerning functional level strategic process, operations performance, and management controls. Data was analysed using exploratory factor analysis, mediations, serial mediations, and moderated serial mediations to test the presence of alternative forms of functional level strategic processes and their links to operations performance. Findings of the study confirm the presence of multiple forms of strategy processes, their paths of progression and relationships to operations performance under the influence of management controls such as employees’ budgetary participation and extensive use of information technology at the functional level of a firm.

functional, functional level strategy, operational performance, strategy as practice, strategic process, process and performance