Shoreline Development and Management within the Areas of Interference of Bluff Hazards Adjacent to Lake Huron

Kuchma, Mollie
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University of Guelph

Shoreline ecosystems in the Great Lakes basin are among the most dynamic ecosystems on the planet. As climate change and development pressures continue to threaten natural hazards, such as the bluff hazards on the Lake Huron shoreline, a comprehensive shoreline management plan needs to be developed to guide future and existing development in the areas of interference adjacent to the hazard. This paper aims to provide recommendations guiding the future of shoreline development and management along the Lake Huron shoreline within the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority watershed jurisdiction in Huron County. These recommendations take into consideration both protection and prevention measures, contributions to bluff hazards specific to the study area as well as information provided from professionals working in shoreline ecosystems within the Great Lakes basin.

Lake Huron, Bluff Hazard, Shoreline Development