Interim report under the Great Lakes Water Quality agreement

International Joint Commission
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International Joint Commission

In 1978, the Governments of Canada and the United States entered into a revised Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. In contrast to the provisions of the 1972 Agreement which required annual reports, the International Joint Commission is charged by the 1978 Agreement with providing a full report to the Federal and State/Provincial Governments at least biennially. The first such report will be provided in late 1981, dealing with progress during the first two years of the 1978 Agreement. The revised Agreement also provides for summary reports in the alternate years and special reports at any time. This interim report is based largely on reports submitted by the Great Lakes Water Quality Board and Great Lakes Science Advisory Board at the Eighth Annual Great Lakes Water Quality Meeting at Toronto in November, 1980. In this report, the Commission does not attempt to repeat or review all aspects of the Boards' reports. These reports have been made available to Governments and the public. Except as noted herein, the Commission generally supports the concerns and recommendations expressed in the two main Board reports and at the Annual Meeting. The Commission commends these reports and the transcripts of the Meeting to the Parties and to the State and Provincial Governments for their careful consideration. Many of the recommendations expressed in the Board reports are consistent with Commission recommendations contained in the Seventh Annual Report so that, for this reason too, their repetition is not required here. This report provides the additional comments of the Commission on seven issues of concern. A number of these issues are planned to be the subjects of special reports during the next year. The Commission believes, however, that it is important for it or the Governments as specified herein, to take certain early actions on these matters to fulfil their responsibilities under the 1978 Agreement. The seven issues are: I. Great Lakes International Surveillance Plan and Other Data Requirements II. Atmospheric Pollution of the Great Lakes III. The Niagara River IV. A List of 33 Chemicals for Possible Immediate Control V. Non-NTA Phosphate Substitutes in Detergents VI. Waste Disposal Sites VII. Phosphorus

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