Effects of Exercise on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Following Partial Sleep Deprivation

Bommarito, Julian
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University of Guelph

This thesis investigated whether aerobic cycling exercise can attenuate the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure (BP) response induced by acute partial sleep deprivation (PSD). Sixteen young normotensive males and females completed a randomized crossover trial consisting of 3 testing visits, including a control visit (sleep between 2300-0700 hours), PSD visit (sleep between 0330-0700 hours), and exercise + PSD visit (exercise was performed prior to the same sleep schedule as the PSD visit). Cycling exercise, for 50 minutes, at 70-80% heart rate maximum was performed during the exercise + PSD visit. Ambulatory BP monitoring and actigraphy recordings were measured to examine circadian variations of BP and sleep, respectively. Acute PSD increased 24-hour ambulatory BP, but prior exercise did not attenuate this response. Therefore, a bout of aerobic cycling exercise is not a sufficient stimulus to mitigate the 24-hour ambulatory BP response caused by acute PSD in young normotensive adults.

partial sleep deprivation, ambulatory blood pressure, actigraphy, aerobic exercise, cycling exercise, post-exercise hypotension, young normotensive adults