Development communication: The appropriateness and effectiveness of theatre as an agricultural extension tool

Munro, Jean
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University of Guelph

Communication is key to any planning and development process and knowing how to effectively and appropriately communicate is a challenge. The importance of selecting the right vehicle for communication is particularly relevant in the Ugandan context. Issues of literacy, limited resources, and the relative absence of mass media make it important to use methods which lead to direct communication with all members of a community. Presented in this thesis is an evaluation of one project in which drama was used as a technology transfer method. It is concluded that theatre can be appropriate if farmers view is as a way with which to learn, if there is some tradition of theatre in the area, and if it complements the local information system. Theatre is effective as farmers are able to learn from it and have the option of implementing the technology. It is specifically effective for agricultural extension as technical messages can be woven into social messages.

Uganda, theatre, agricultural extension tool, development communication, effectiveness