Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Design for Guelph Area

Colvin, Christopher
Kwan, Lana
Doody, Laura
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This paper presents a rainwater harvesting system to reduce CAMTAC Linamar's municipal potted water costs. The principle behind the design is to channel the rainwater collected from the plant's roof into a piping system. Through multiple lters, including first flush, basket, UV, and reverse osmosis, the water will then enter the site's storage tank. Using an automated system, the design will allow continual supply of water by either rain or main lines. The design was simulated using EPA SWMM 5 and the results used to optimize pipe length and cistern size for collection and cost effciency.

Created in fulfillment of the course requirements for ENGG*3100 Engineering and Design III. This course combines the knowledge gained in the advanced engineering and basic science courses with the design skills taught in ENGG*1100 and ENGG*2100 in solving open-ended problems. These problems are related to the student's major. Additional design tools are presented, including model simulation, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, knowledge-based systems and computer programming. Complementing these tools are discussions on writing and public speaking techniques, codes, safety issues, environmental assessment and professional management. These topics are taught with the consideration of available resources and cost.
SWMM 5, rainwater harvesting, backflow prevention