Finite element analysis of shape memory alloy Niti stent in coronary artery

Al-abassi, Amatulraheem
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University of Guelph

The coronary artery stent is a medical device that treats different coronary diseases. Though in the long run, there is a threat of restenosis, stent recoiling, or stent fracture. Thus, studying the behavior of the Nitinol shape memory alloy stent within hyperelastic model of arterial tissue under different medical conditions is necessary to predict any adverse outcomes. In this research, the stent-artery model is tested within normal human body temperature 36.5 ̊C, and high body temperature 40.0 ̊C, under two conditions of mean arterial pressure (MAP), normal MAP, 70-105 mmHg, and high MAP, 105-140 mmHg. At hypertension, the artery expands to a diameter that is 0.201 mm wider than the original diameter. In addition, the equivalent stress of Nitinol stent increased by 12% at fever and hypertension, however, no recoiling occurred. In conclusion, the stent retracted the artery wall without causing huge stress and safely expanded it with no penetration.

Nitinol Stent, Coronary Artery