Performance of fertilizer programmes with different N rates on Kentucky bluegrass turf – 2010 season

Carey, K.
Porter, A.J.
Jordan, K.S.
Lyons, E.M.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

Agrium Advanced Technologies commissioned the following study to test the performance of fertilizer on Kentucky bluegrass turf. Data was collected on the strength and duration of plant colour after the trials. A closer look was taken at the effects on the soil and root zone, as well as the changes in uniformity, turf quality, density, and resistance to diseases. A variety of application rate trials were conducted as well as a controlled trial with unfertilized turf. The results confirmed that there was no discoloration or other adverse effects to the treated plots. A significant difference in canopy reflectance was observed among all the treatments. The turfs showed a strong positive correlation to the first treatment of fertilizer with a maximum NDVI increase of 0.1 unit and a difference in the colour of 3 points. A slight decline was seen midseason likely due to the initial colour response similarities. Overall significant differences in colour and strength were observed among the turf groups that received fertilizer treatment.

Guelph Turfgrass Institute, 2010, Annual reports, fertilizer, nitrogen, Kentucky bluegrass, rootzone, NDVI, colour, speed of response, duration