Factors affecting visual preferences for naturalization and restoration in urban park landscapes

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Daumants, Laila
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University of Guelph

Visual preferences for naturalized, restored and manicured landscapes were examined within an urban park context. A sample population of Toronto, Ontario was surveyed through a photographic questionnaire, a naturalization and restoration opinion survey, and a background survey to gain information on demographic variables and familiarity with the photographs. An additional control group sample was obtained in Guelph, Ontario. The data collected explored patterns of landscape preferences, relationships between landscape preferences and attitudes towards naturalization and restoration, level of familiarity with the photographs, and demographic differences. The results of correlational and analysis of variance indicate that stronger preferences for landscapes that include naturalization and restoration are associated with positive attitudes, knowledge, and familiarity with the location of the naturalization and restoration landscape scenes. Results are discussed in relation to how landscape designers and planners can utilize the findings for improving public preferences for naturalization and restoration landscapes in urban park environments.

visual preferences, naturalized, restored, manicured landscapes, urban park context, Toronto, Ontario, Guelph, landscape preferences