Post-meeting Curation of Whiteboard Content Captured with Mobile Devices

Varona-Marin, Danniel
Oberholzer, Jan A.
Tse, Edward
Scott, Stacey D.
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ACM Press

The traditional dry-erase whiteboard is a ubiquitous tool in the workplace, particularly in collaborative meeting spaces. Recent studies show that meeting participants commonly capture whiteboard content using integrated cameras on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Yet, little is known about how people curate or use such whiteboard photographs after meetings, or how their curation practices relate to post-meeting actions. To better understand these post-meeting activities, we conducted a qualitative, interview-based study of 19 frequent whiteboard users to probe their post-meeting practices with whiteboard photos. The study identified a set of unmet design needs for the development of improved mobile-centric whiteboard capture systems. Design implications stemming from the study include the need for mobile devices to quickly capture and effortlessly transfer whiteboard photos to productivity-oriented devices and to shared-access tools, and the need to better support the extraction of whiteboard content directly into other productivity application tools.

whiteboard photos, whiteboard content, curation, mobile devices, collaboration, whiteboard photo lifecycle