An Exploration of Soil Health Extension in Ontario

Arseneau, Madeleine
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University of Guelph

This thesis sets out to gain a better understanding of soil health extension in Ontario. This research can contribute to the enhancement of current soil health extension with the goal of improving adoption rates of farming practices. The objectives of this study are met through a qualitative interview process with ten farmer participants and four program coordinator participants. The primary conclusion from this research are that OMAFRA’s use of Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) alone does not capture soil health extension in Ontario. Instead, the multitude of public and private organizations, along with OMAFRA, work in tandem to deliver training and knowledge to Ontario farmers. Further research is also needed into the development of knowledge and adoption for the wait and see group. There is however evidence of pluralism and decentralization within the system of organizations which needs to be addressed to ensure funding is being appropriately allocated.

extension, agriculture, soil health, soil health extension